This page lets you submit a request for the digitized BBSO film data. For BBSO digital data taken after 1995, please visit our Global Halpha Network. For NSO FLP film data, you can choose to use this link of NSO Digital Library (contact: Dr. Alexei Pevtsov) for ftp access.

We advise to first identify the time interval of interest by browsing the Data Catalog. Note that the frame number can be found in the top left corner of quick-look movies/images. When you finished filling the form and press "Submit", you will receive an email confirmation of your request and we will also be notified. The requested data will be prepared as soon as possible (within a week), and we will send you another email with a link for downloading the data.

Data Policy and Disclaimer. You may also use this form to submit your comments/suggestions to us.

For NSO data between 1956 and 1966, put reel number as 1, staring frame frame 0, ending frame number 100, in the Purpose of your request, put in the dates and time range of your request. It will be processed with a special handling protocol.