This searchable catalog lets you find specific film reels covering the time period of your interest, and presents you with about 20 sample images (in both FITS and JPEG formats) and a 512 x 400 pixels quick-look movie of each reel.

Please note that (1) Some periods of images could be in a prominence mode when the solar disk was overexposed to enhance the off-limb observation. For these reels (especially NSO films), there is another quick-look movie for such overexposed images. (2) The quick-look images/movies are mostly produced with 8 bit images transformed from the original 12 bit images, using a special conversion table generated by the digitizer. The table is attached to each 12 bit FITS file as an extension (see

Version 1.5 (9-Sep-12): The film data catalog contains lists of digitized films only. Please contact us if you encounter any problem or the films of your interest have not been digitized (please refer to the complete film lists). We plan to digitize the remaining films with priorities according to the user requests.

Film Data Catalog: